5 Things that Drive Me Crazy When I Watch Online Courses & Webinars

Boredom is the conviction that you can’t change…the shriek of unused capacities.” ~Saul Bellow

People think you can make big money these days selling online courses or paid webinars. A few people actually do, mostly by selling online courses and webinars about how to sell online courses and webinars.

kiraLaptop   The best of these have strong delivery and even stronger content. The worst have wretched delivery and no content.

Here is my list of things that drive me crazy when I’ve paid for someone to teach me online.

    1. This is tedious, annoying, and kills the opportunity to emphasize key teaching points. Everything has the same, overblown weight.
    2. After a while (a very short while), I tune you out.
  2. Covering your mouth with your hand and mumbling.
    1. Hello—we paid to hear you.
    2. Be professional.
    3. Practice before you record.
    4. Keep your hands away from your mouth.
  3. Being too casual.
    1. It’s okay to record yourself in your living room or office.
    2. But it’s not okay to have the radio or TV on, other people crossing the room behind you, dogs barking, cats blocking our view of you, or children in your lap.
    3. Or to talk to those other people, dogs, cats, or children; to be unshaven, uncombed, or slovenly; or to slurp your coffee in the middle of a point.
    4. It is okay to take a sip of water or coffee if your throat is dry, but please don’t talk to us while you do.
  4. Taking too long to tell me your personal life story.
    1. I don’t care.
    2. Unless you make it truly relevant and use it to teach me something.
  5. Little or no content.
    1. This is really my biggest gripe. I can put up with bad delivery if I am learning a lot (assuming I can hear what you’re saying).
    2. But “share” only fluff and teach me nothing, and well, I hate you. Not really. But I certainly regret having spent time with you.

Forgive me for ranting. All 5 of these things are easy to fix, and I’m sure you’re not guilty of them. But please, let’s stop paying people to teach us who can’t do better than this.

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